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Tell Me a Story

  I’ve heard this so many times that it’s beginning to sound a little trite: Everybody has a story…several, in fact. And yet, it’s so true. At the same time, however, I’m realizing that many people just don’t get it. … Continue reading

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Cooing Doves and Skulking Cats

Something every writer hopes for is that someone somewhere will be affected by her words in a positive way. That’s why this email from a friend had me smiling from ear to ear the other morning. “Hi! I love your … Continue reading

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Getting Branded

I was browsing in Litchfield Books with my good friend June when I got a text informing me that an article about Eve’s Sisters was in the local newspaper. I put the copy of Julie Peterkin’s Scarlet Sister Mary back on … Continue reading

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Tip # 10

TIP #10. Always proofread carefully to see if you any words out. (~Author Unknown) I borrowed this quote from a blog shared by Brenda Remmes, a member of my writing group and author of the soon to be published novel, … Continue reading

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Ruth, Lenka, and Carolina

Anna Funder’s All That I Am introduced me to a band of brave young people, Germans who tried to warn their countrymen about the perils of growing Nazism. Horror, betrayal, heartache, love, death, hatred, jealousy, and just about every other theme … Continue reading

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Answering Brenda’s Question

Stunned, I realized that everything she was saying was true and that if Brenda hasn’t asked me those questions, I might not have ever considered their importance. When people (including me) read non-fiction, they want to know what the author’s credentials are. What makes the writer an authority? What is it about his or her credentials that makes the individual an expert? Continue reading

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