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Importance of Back Story

  A book doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, some books might be years in the making. Long before a writer sits down with fingers to keypad, ideas have begun to swirl around in her mind. Some take root and flourish, … Continue reading

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By Doing Nothing

Many of my friends and a couple of my family members know that I recently read The End of Your Life Book Club. They also know that I can’t stop talking about it. Seriously, there are so many lessons and … Continue reading

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Psychology and Religion

  I really thought I was through with writing about women in the Bible after the publication of Eve’s Sisters, not because I know everything there is to know about them but because I had the feeling it was time … Continue reading

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Facing Fear

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that a member of my writing group is working on a book about singles in the Bible. I also managed to sneak in a plug for my book, Eve’s Sisters, by mentioning that Mary Anne says … Continue reading

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Mary Anne’s Book Idea

Last night in our writing group, we critiqued the outline, introduction, and first few pages of a member’s new book. At least, I hope it will become a book. She has a terrific idea, one of the best developed outlines … Continue reading

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“I Look Chunky?”

Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes occasionally have moments of self-doubt. So do little girls! We all want to be reassured of our value. It’s not enough to be the mother of six of the heads of the tribes of Israel. Nor is it enough to look better than half of the people in Wal-Mart in the middle of the afternoon. We want to be loved, cherished, and valued too!
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Focus Jayne, Focus

When my friend Mark and I got together at Mickey Dee’s a couple of weeks ago, we both talked about the need to focus on a few things that are truly important instead of scattering our time and energy around … Continue reading

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