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Ask Questions

On my next book revision, I’m including a reminder to students to stay in touch with their teachers and to ask questions about their progress. Without hounding them to death or saying things like, “I have to get an A to get in the nursing program,” students need to communicate with their teachers.
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Poor Time Management?

One of the reasons I want to continue teaching part-time is to maintain contact with students and to “stay in the game,” so to speak. I want to make sure that what I’m thinking and writing are accurate. So far, … Continue reading

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Save As Going Crazy

Soon I’m going to do a hard cover version of the eBook through CreateSpace, and naturally I want it to be without blemish. Electronic versions are one thing; print ones are another. Here’s the deal, a little incentive that I cooked up this morning. I’m going to give away six paperback copies of the final revision, gonecrazy9 (?) to the first six people who find errors in the current revision, the one I uploaded yesterday.

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