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A Swamp in Each Eye

One of the wonderful things about being retired (or semi-retired) is that I have more time to read, something I’ve looked forward to for many years. I once asked a co-worker who’d taken the summer off what she had done … Continue reading

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I Will Be So Happy!

Do any of these statements sound familiar? If they do, I’m making the assumption that you live in America. We want to be Happy with a capital H, now and always. In fact, psychologist Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on … Continue reading

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Why Gossip and Solitude?

I chose Gossip and Solitude as a title for this blog because of a sentence I came across in A Broom of One’s Own by Nancy Peacock. “I think there are two things writers love more than anything else. One … Continue reading

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Under the Hood

Aren’t they beautiful?  So young and full of promise, these young women on the cusp of adulthood had no idea where their lives would take them. Would they become mothers like Leah and grandmothers like Lois? Would they leave their families … Continue reading

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Dancing Helper

It’s not chick lit, romance, or mystery. And it’s not science fiction or Southern fiction or any kind of fiction at all…at least not yet. Maybe at some future date, I’ll try to write fiction, but at the moment, I’ll … Continue reading

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A Step at a Time

Leaving work yesterday, I glanced out of the double doors and saw an overcast sky. Would I make it to the car before the deluge? Of all the days to be without an umbrella! Just before pushing the door open, … Continue reading

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I Can Help You

Does anyone out there remember The One Minute Manager? A short, easy-to-understand management book written by Kenneth Blanchard, the author’s guidelines included one minute goal setting followed by one minute praisings and one minute reprimands. The ideas were clearly stated … Continue reading

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Slave to the Wage

I’m having some issues with the updates I’ve made to this blog/website, and I can’t get the pictures to show up in the right place. Anxious to get things looking just right (what are those white, empty rectangular boxes all about?), … Continue reading

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I Want It!

Be intentional. That’s one of the dominant themes in Crossing the Bridge: Succeeding in a Community College and Beyond. To me, being intentional involves “asking yourself exactly what you want your life to be like and then being purposeful in … Continue reading

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Thank You So Much!

“But you don’t have a degree in theology,” he said. “How can you expect people to take you seriously?” Those were the stinging words hurled (my perception) my way after the publication of Eve’s Sisters, a compilation of essays about … Continue reading

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