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MOOCs and Student Loans

Until two weeks ago, if I’d heard someone say she liked mocs, I’d have thought she was talking about a soft shoe originally worn by Native Americans. Now I’d think twice and wonder if she’s really referring to a MOOC, a Massive … Continue reading

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Struggling Artist’s?

I don’t have Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird with me this afternoon, so what I’m about to write is strictly from memory. I apologize in advance  to this great writer if I err in paraphrasing her work. At the same time, … Continue reading

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A Space of Your Own

I like to get up early in the morning before the sun comes up and scoot upstairs to my own little space. I say “upstairs” when really my reading, writing, and thinking space is actually a room above the garage, … Continue reading

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Play to Your Strengths

One of my brothers wants to start writing fiction, and we’ve been talking about the writing process the last few days. While I would also like to write fiction, I had to confess to him that my imagination is not … Continue reading

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If You Reach One Person

When I began editing Crossing the Bridge: Succeeding in a Community College and Beyond, I asked a friend and former colleague in the South Carolina Technical Education Association for some proofing help. After she read and corrected the manuscript, we … Continue reading

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Becoming More Mindful

A few weeks ago, I jotted down some writing advice and began posting it on this blog. As with other “great ideas,” I got sidetracked by other interests, topics, and goings-on. Tonight, however, I’m going to share a couple of … Continue reading

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Disappearances and Murders

The first time I met my friend Martha, someone asked her what she’d done that summer while the rest of us were teaching summer school. She tilted her blond head to the side and happily reported that she had read … Continue reading

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