Pier Encounter

A few months ago, one of my daughters and I were discussing my Facebook author page, and she diplomatically informed me that if I wanted people to like and follow it, I needed to add new information more regularly AND to offer free stuff and interesting content.

That sounded hard. I mean, how many free books can you give away? And what kind of information was Elizabeth talking about? I took the lazy route and hid the page. If hidden, I could resurrect it; if deleted, everything would be lost.

Lately I’ve been getting emails telling me that my author page needs a post or two. That’s an understatement since I haven’t posted anything there in months. When I read the most recent email, I just thought, “Guess I better delete it for good.” But then something happened.

Saturday I met a two-year college student on the Myrtle Beach State Park fishing pier. I was delighted to learn that he attends at Horry Georgetown Technical College, and we discussed some of his experiences (all positive) and instructors (again, all good). There are very few things I enjoy more than hearing good things about the two-year college experience, especially when the school is one where I was employed for 28 years.

Crossing the Bridge: Succeeding in a Community College and Beyond is about how to succeed in a community college. I wish I’d told my pier-fishing instructor about it Saturday. It’s too late for that, but it’s not too late for me to tell you about this helpful little book. To be successful in college (two-year or four-year), knowing the information in this book is beneficial.

I went to the Kindle app on my Mac and copied and pasted the following material from the Afterword:

Reading this book can be immensely helpful to you if you take the suggestions seriously. Each teacher thinks his or her subject matter is the most important one in the college, and I’m no exception. I believe that learning and applying psychological concepts such as self-efficacy and positive reinforcement can improve your life, and I KNOW that the application of the principles in this book will help you to be a more successful student and effective person.

But don’t take my word for it. Download the eBook to your phone, Kindle, iPad, or PC today. You’ll love the student stories, student quotes, and photographs. http://tinyurl.com/mx42bwb




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