Name Change?

I enjoy blogging.

It gives me the opportunity to write about things I care about and share them with others. Plus, blogging puts me in touch with other like-minded people who may think similar things….or who can teach me a thing or two about topics I’m interested in. Some people blogging as a waste of time. I see it as good practice.

Today it’s time to make some changes, and I’m hoping that by writing about past and current blogs, I’ll gain insight on how to proceed.

Over the past dozen years, I’ve begun and maintained and discarded several blogs, each with a different purpose. It takes a lot of energy and time to compose, proof, and post a blog, and following the principles of reciprocity to read and respond to others’ blogs is a huge time eater.

At one time I had six blogs; now I have two.

The first was Mom’s Musings. It’s one of the two I still have today although I have become neglectful of late. When I created Mom’s Musings, that’s how I saw myself: a mom. Things have changed now, expanded. I’m now a grandmother and a retiree. I’ve kept the blog because it’s a catchall place where any and everything goes. Travel, religion, politics…it’s all there.

When I was still working full-time and looking for a way for my students to express themselves and perhaps earn a little extra credit, I began a blog titled PsychCentral. It worked well. I’d post once or twice a week, and in its heyday, I could always count on some responses. It was popular because of the topics and the extra credit. Students who were reticent about speaking up in class found a forum for their thoughts.

This blog, Gossip and Solitude, is supposed to be about all things writing: personal projects, writing woes, critique groups, writing tips, book reviews, and personal writing discoveries. The title came from a phrase in one of writer Nancy Peacock’s books in which she says writers need two things: gossip and solitude. Yes!

I enjoyed using the WordPress format and decided to start another blog, Beating a Path, about teaching in a community college. It included experiences in and out of the classroom and advice for students who wanted to succeed in college. That blog eventually became a self-published book, Crossing the Bridge: Succeeding in a Community College and Beyond.  Since many of the posts related to teaching, I’m now using some material in what I hope will be a fun and interesting book about teaching in a two-year college.

Soon after Crossing the Bridge was published, I developed a blog based on the book. It had minimal activity and quite frankly, was a lot of work. Many writers base blogs on writing projects and post updates hoping to engage would-be readers. Or at least, I think that’s their purpose. After a few months, I deleted Crossing the Bridge.

Several years ago, I used Blogspot to post Eve’s Sisters. A sister-in-law invited me to a Bible study about Queen Esther, and the course ignited an interest in learning more about the women of the Bible. Before that experience, I had naively thought of Ruth, Rachel, and Rebekah as paragons of virtue—if I thought of them at all. And Rahab and Tamar and Bathsheba were strangers to me.

I began learning more about the women of the Old and New Testaments and started a blog exploring how their stories bore many similarities to our stories today. It was fun. I was on fire. At some point, I realized I had enough material for a book, and my blog became Eve’s Sisters the book. I’ve deleted the blog and have been faithful to WordPress ever since.

Summative statement (at last): Blogging can be fun. It provides writing practice, puts you in contact with people with all sorts of interests, and can even provide material for a book. For me, I’m down to two blogs, one on reading and writing and the other on life. But now I need a new title besides Mom’s Musings. Help!

About jayne bowers

*married with children, stepchildren, grandchildren, in-laws, ex-laws, and a host of other family members and fabulous friends *semi-retired psychology instructor at two community colleges *writer
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1 Response to Name Change?

  1. Off the top of my head a teeny tweek to that title could be: GrannieMom’s Musings. Each time I talk to you or read stuff you write, it’s infused with tales of those granniekiddies!
    Enjoy your summer, Jayne!


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