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Helping or Judging?

Have you ever come across the Chinese proverb about the palest ink being better than the best memory? The moment I heard it, I knew it was true, and I’ve have been jotting down observations, overheard conversations, and highlights from … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I had an interesting and enlightening discussion on feminism, and at the beginning of our thread, terms like glass ceiling, the second shift, and benevolent sexism were bandied about. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Ivory Soap and Corn Flakes

  Being part of a writing group has helped me in ways too numerous to recount. My membership has also made me a little more hesitant to write, or rather to trust myself as a writer. For example, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Rescue Me!

A couple of weeks ago I posted something about one of my favorite childhood books, The Little Red Hen, on my Mom’s Musings blog. I had just read Sue Monk Kidd’s When the Heart Waits and was amused and somewhat … Continue reading

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How Will They Remember You?

My writing group is putting together a book of memories related to Camden. Some people are contributing holiday memories, and others are sharing nostalgic tales germane to the Kershaw and Lee County areas. If all goes according to plan, the … Continue reading

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Would Carl Sandburg Like Facebook?

Social media is a mixed blessing. While it gives us a way to reach out and link in, it can also be a potential source of stress. Should a would-be author use Tumblr, Facebook, Linkedin, or what?? The choices are … Continue reading

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Texts, Teams, Time Zones

When I began teaching online courses about 15 years ago, I worked with a man whose dream was to work all day from home in his “jammies.” Those of us who knew him joked around and asked him to please, … Continue reading

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Recently Read Books

Since this is a blog about writing AND reading, I’m going to share a few thoughts about the books I’ve been reading lately. I’ll probably add something to Goodreads later, but for now this is it. Truthfully, I’m too lazy … Continue reading

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Write or Post or Tweet?

Something that often comes up at the meetings of my writing group is the need to keep a balance between learning about and using social media and actually writing. Sometimes a person can get so involved with electronic “stuff” that … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Last year at the South Carolina Writers Conference, I met a happy, energetic, free spirited person with a contagious smile, and this year I was fortunate enough to see and talk with her again. Just about everyone you meet at such … Continue reading

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