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Pesky Errors

At some point in the late 1980’s, I wrote a chapter for a human relations textbook. I had been working on a text of my own and had pretty much completed the chapter on prejudice and discrimination. That’s what we … Continue reading

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LinkedIn or Goodreads?

I’m experiencing a little media overload. In fact, I’m so overwhelmed by all of my social media options that sometimes I sit paralyzed, fingers poised to type in an address but uncertain where to go first. Facebook is my favorite. … Continue reading

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Out of Chaos

I wasn’t sure whether to post these thoughts here or on my Mom’s Musings blog at, but I decided that this reading/writing blog is the better option. Although the post brings in a little bit of religion, it’s mostly … Continue reading

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Struggling Artist’s?

I don’t have Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird with me this afternoon, so what I’m about to write is strictly from memory. I apologize in advance  to this great writer if I err in paraphrasing her work. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Crossing the Bridge

Thanks to one of my English teacher friends who downloaded my eBook to her PC and actually read it, I became aware of a few  pesky errors that I needed to take care of. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I … Continue reading

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Getting Branded

I was browsing in Litchfield Books with my good friend June when I got a text informing me that an article about Eve’s Sisters was in the local newspaper. I put the copy of Julie Peterkin’s Scarlet Sister Mary back on … Continue reading

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Becoming Thick-Skinned

It’s already started, “it” being the criticism about my newest book, Eve’s Sisters. I’m pretty thick skinned, a prerequisite for a writer to keep on putting pen to paper, or in my case, fingers to keyboard Continue reading

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