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Read On!

  Yesterday some friends and I had a round table discussion about aging, stories, relationships, writing, religion, more writing, hip replacements, and finally books. “What’s everybody been reading?” someone asked, and we were off to the races. With very little … Continue reading

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Very Good

This morning our local writers’ group met at Books on Broad, a delightful independent bookstore and coffee shop, and as always I left the meeting motivated to finish some projects I’ve been working on. Before leaving the bookstore, I wandered … Continue reading

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Five Star Books

In an effort to be more attentive to this blog, I’m sharing a couple of recent reviews that I posted on Amazon. Though quite different from each other in theme and style, both of these books merit five stars. Home … Continue reading

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Struggling Artist’s?

I don’t have Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird with me this afternoon, so what I’m about to write is strictly from memory. I apologize in advance  to this great writer if I err in paraphrasing her work. At the same time, … Continue reading

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Opening Sentences, Scene Descriptions, and Dialect

The muse mojo refuses to come out and play today. Anne Lamott said, “All I know is that if I sit long enough, something will happen,“ but so far that hasn’t been my experience today. I’ve been jumping up and down to … Continue reading

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Bananas Come in Bunches

Anne Lamott says that perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, and I think she’s right. If a person waited until her writing was absolutely positively flawless, she’d never attempt anything. She’d sit in favorite comfy chair and think “one … Continue reading

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