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Save As Going Crazy

Soon I’m going to do a hard cover version of the eBook through CreateSpace, and naturally I want it to be without blemish. Electronic versions are one thing; print ones are another. Here’s the deal, a little incentive that I cooked up this morning. I’m going to give away six paperback copies of the final revision, gonecrazy9 (?) to the first six people who find errors in the current revision, the one I uploaded yesterday.

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Crossing the Bridge

Thanks to one of my English teacher friends who downloaded my eBook to her PC and actually read it, I became aware of a few  pesky errors that I needed to take care of. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I … Continue reading

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More White Space, Fewer Words

There are very few people who know me who don’t also know that I’ve been working on an e-book on how to succeed in an community college.  In fact, I’ve talked about it so much that  some people are probably … Continue reading

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