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That Ain’t Right, Bo

‘Tis the season. I’ve been ordering Christmas gifts for my grandchildren today while children at America’s borders were being assaulted with tear gas. One grandson wants a Harry Potter Illuminating Rod. No problem. I’m planning tasty treats for my family … Continue reading

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Who Are You Blaming?

Eve’s Sisters, a book of essays published nearly three years ago, points out the application of certain psychological principles in the lives of women (men too) in the Bible. And although I haven’t done a super job of marketing the … Continue reading

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It Even Has Pictures

Since I’ve begun writing on a more consistent basis, I’ve come across so much beneficial information that I can scarcely keep track of it all. Use strong verbs, write what you know, watch those “to be” verbs, and just do … Continue reading

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Reading and Writing. Period.

From this day forward, this blog is going to be about reading and writing. Period. One of the challenges I’ve had as a writer is choosing a topic and sticking to it. That’s why this blog has become somewhat of … Continue reading

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Turning Them Over

I drifted off to sleep around midnight last night with visions of my children dancing through my head. One is considering the purchase of a townhouse and sent pictures of the layout, individual rooms, and even the hot water heater. Will he … Continue reading

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Don’t Visit My Past

  Thumbing through one of my many journals yesterday, I came across a story I had jotted down a few months ago. I’m so glad that I took the time to record those few lines. Not only is it a … Continue reading

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Under the Hood

Aren’t they beautiful?  So young and full of promise, these young women on the cusp of adulthood had no idea where their lives would take them. Would they become mothers like Leah and grandmothers like Lois? Would they leave their families … Continue reading

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Then and Now

Last year at the South Carolina Writers Conference, I met a happy, energetic, free spirited person with a contagious smile, and this year I was fortunate enough to see and talk with her again. Just about everyone you meet at such … Continue reading

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Psychology and Religion

  I really thought I was through with writing about women in the Bible after the publication of Eve’s Sisters, not because I know everything there is to know about them but because I had the feeling it was time … Continue reading

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Answering Brenda’s Question

Stunned, I realized that everything she was saying was true and that if Brenda hasn’t asked me those questions, I might not have ever considered their importance. When people (including me) read non-fiction, they want to know what the author’s credentials are. What makes the writer an authority? What is it about his or her credentials that makes the individual an expert? Continue reading

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