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Text or Visit?

“I hope you can think of something to write about,” my husband said as he left this morning. “Are you kidding?” I asked. “My mind is a jumble of things I want to write about. The problem is getting it … Continue reading

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Get a Website, Get a Website!

In our writing group, we’ve often talked about how to get one’s work out there without becoming annoying. How can a person market his or her book, jewelry, or photography business without hitting people over the head? To be honest, … Continue reading

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Algorithms and Popularity Lists

For the past couple of years, I’ve been a part of a writer’s group with a mission and an agenda for every meeting. We begin by talking shop about the goings-on in the state organization, SCWW, and then we chat … Continue reading

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Would Carl Sandburg Like Facebook?

Social media is a mixed blessing. While it gives us a way to reach out and link in, it can also be a potential source of stress. Should a would-be author use Tumblr, Facebook, Linkedin, or what?? The choices are … Continue reading

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Social Media Bandwagon

Attendees at yesterday’s SCWW Symposium learned quite a bit about the necessity of marketing one’s work. Whether the writer self-publishes his work or has a contract with a major publisher, he still has to “hawk his wares.” For the first … Continue reading

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LinkedIn or Goodreads?

I’m experiencing a little media overload. In fact, I’m so overwhelmed by all of my social media options that sometimes I sit paralyzed, fingers poised to type in an address but uncertain where to go first. Facebook is my favorite. … Continue reading

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Write or Post or Tweet?

Something that often comes up at the meetings of my writing group is the need to keep a balance between learning about and using social media and actually writing. Sometimes a person can get so involved with electronic “stuff” that … Continue reading

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Focus Jayne, Focus

When my friend Mark and I got together at Mickey Dee’s a couple of weeks ago, we both talked about the need to focus on a few things that are truly important instead of scattering our time and energy around … Continue reading

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Tweeting and Posting

I’m a fan of social media, a term I wasn’t even aware of until earlier this year. Sure, I knew about some of its components like facebook, but until that fateful Saturday morning in Columbia, I was truly ignorant about just … Continue reading

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