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Now and Then and Now Again

It’s crunch time for shaping up this year’s anthology. I’m not at the fingernail-biting stage yet. I know we’ll pull it together my mid-August at the absolute latest. We want our book to be top-notch even if it means tacking … Continue reading

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I Will Be So Happy!

Do any of these statements sound familiar? If they do, I’m making the assumption that you live in America. We want to be Happy with a capital H, now and always. In fact, psychologist Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on … Continue reading

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Fore Years of Collej

“She was a Southern Baptist with a strong affiliation to her roots, and no matter no matter how convincing I tried to be, my spiel fell on deaf ears.” That’s a sentence I came across last night when looking over … Continue reading

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Bye-Bye Leah and Jezebel???

When I started my blog about women in the Bible, http://evessisters.blogspot.com, I couldn’t stop thinking about these women of yesteryear. Sometimes I’d even wake up dreaming about one of them, and throughout each day, I’d often find one or more … Continue reading

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Rereading and Tweaking

My intention when starting this blog was to write at least three posts a week. “How hard could that be?” I asked myself. Since I write a little something every day, I thought it’d be a snap to post some … Continue reading

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