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“Hmmph. That’s Crazy.”

A thirteen-year-old girl who’s having a spinal tap screams out, “It hurts, I’m hungry.” When I began my most recent post a couple of days ago, my intention was to write about the above prompt, something I’d scribbled in a … Continue reading

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Dr. Farmer, Myra, and DeWitt

One of the presenters at the recent Rock Hill Intensive Writing Workshop said she blogged every day. When I asked her how she did that AND continued to write her mysteries, she replied that sometimes she might just put a … Continue reading

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Reading List

Since retiring from full-time employment, I’ve been able to fulfill a lot of “wishing and hoping” dreams from those crazy, busy days of working and raising children. While I loved that time period, the demands and expectations didn’t leave much … Continue reading

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When Too Much is Too Much

Good readers make good writers, right? That’s what I’ve heard, and I’ve been fully taking advantage of those words of wisdom lately. I’ve been  A LOT of reading and a little bit of writing, mainly in my journal. Last night … Continue reading

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